Wednesday, January 20, 2010

California dreamin'

When we bought our 1920 house, it had suffered years of indignities. I am loving restoring it, but the kitchen is my favorite. There were TWO dropped ceilings and many layers of linoleum and asphalt tile (made w/ real asphalt, as I found out when I ripped it up myself). I had a picture in my head of a kitchen in a Northern California bungalow ( I have never been there), so I set out to make it real.

Daughter and I picked out sage green subway tiles for the backsplash and cream and sage marbled tile for the countertop. I got a lovely, deep, bisque-colored sink from Need Plumbing, and found a contractor to do the work, including putting in the two big windows over the sink. Did the painting myself (Benjamin Moore Indian White, on a serious discount for being the favorite waitress of the paint store owner!). Removed the cabinet doors, sanded, primed, and painted (Indian white on top and sage on bottom), and Older Son replaced the old hardware with new white porcelain ones from Pottery Barn. He even had to customize a couple of hinges with a hacksaw! Nice men from Cole Wood Floors blasted through the asphalt to reveal long-leaf yellow pine, which I Waterloxed because I don't like polyurethane. The color of the wood deepens with exposure to UV light!

So here we are. My camera went wonky after the first picture, but I will post more another day.

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  1. It looks lovely..! And I've never heard of that word: Waterloxed. I'll have to Google it. But really, it's beautiful!